Bike Shop Tuggerah, 7 Favourite things

Bike shop Tuggerah loves beaches and bike riding around Gosford

My days of running for pleasure and exercise ended when I
moved to the beautiful Tuggerah on the Central Coast. I had been
living in a relatively flat area where there were miles of level bark running trails. Now in Tuggerah , I encountered rocky, steep trails that were torture
to my hips and knees. It was time to find a replacement for
running at the Bike shop Tuggerah.

How it began at Tuggerah Bike shop.

Tuggerah is a recreation mecca that’s especially attractive to mountain bike riders and
windsurfers. Swimming doesn’t appeal to me, so I decided
to check out mountain biking. In the end, that was among
the best decisions I’ve made, but I began with caution.
For one thing, I didn’t know if my interest would last.
That’s why I started by getting a low-end bike from the local bike shop Tuggerah (that had
some serious weight problems) It was a clunker, looking
back on it now. I also held back on investing in some of
the biking ‘gear’. It’s not that I’m cheap – it’s just
that much of it seemed to be for hip-ness instead of

However, after using a few of the items, I understood that
while the gear might make you look ‘cool’, it also really
does help you function better. Here are 7 of my favourite
pieces that I didn’t think I’d care about (back in my post-
runner/pre-biker days) and now I wouldn’t dream of being
without them from the bike shop Tuggerah.

Favourite things, Bike Shop Tuggerah

1. Padded shorts. If you mountain bike, road bike, or
both, make the investment in having these. Purely and
simply, your ride will be more comfortable.

2. Well-vented helmet. You’ve got to buy a helmet anyway,
right? If you don’t wear one you’re crazy. Spend the
extra bucks to get one made of the super-strong material
that affords lots of vents to help keep you from over-
heating. And in the case of helmets, you get what you pay
for: the higher-end helmets are easier to adjust for a
better fit.

3. Pedals and shoes with cleats (clipless). After a bit
of a learning curve on how to release quickly and be able
to lock-in going up hill, clipless becomes as automatic as
shifting gears. You especially notice the benefits when
you’re road-biking; you’re gaining on the entire stroke
instead of only the downward push.

4. Hydration pack (a backpack with a water-bladder –
Camelbak brand is an example). My first one was a gift, or
I might never have tried one. Now I love having 100 ounces
of water easily available, instead of that goofy move where
you have to reach down and get the water bottle out of the
rack, lift your head to drink – losing sight of the trail,
and then fumbling the water bottle back into the rack. No
wonder I hardly ever drank enough during rides and ended up
slightly dehydrated every time. I also appreciate that the
pack holds my keys, cell phone, energy bar, and rain jacket.

Always remember hydration

A suggestion: You’ll still want to keep a full water
bottle on your bike. It’s good defense against dogs that
chase you. Get good at your aim and you can land a squirt
without missing a stroke. It’s very satisfying, and the dog
will run away.

5. Safety goggles – yellow. Of course, you should have
protection for your eyes, but I wondered about the
necessity of yellow or orange lenses. Seemed like poser-
gear when I began to see them around. Then I used a pair.
What difference in visibility! The yellow lenses really do
brighten up shady trails and they help you a lot during
overcast or lower-light times of day.

6. Half-finger gloves. The palms are padded, so that
feels nice on long rides. The best part is what they do
for you on wipe-outs, which are bound to happen. I’ve
gotten lots of scraped knees, but my hands always come out
feeling fine.

7. The Bike. Once I realized that biking was not only a
great alternative to running for the sake of my joints, but
it was more fun in general, I gave the clunker away. Then
I invested in a good bike – lightweight frame and
components, with suspension. It’s a pure delight to ride
on a well-made machine.

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Central Coast Bike Shop talks about Cycling Caps?

Your Central Coast bike shop talks why a cycling cap is different from a baseball cap. For one, it’s made of thin material. Compared to a baseball cap, it’s more flexible. When you look at the cap’s back, it’s elastic to give you a perfect fit, no matter what the size of your head.

But What Does a this Cap Really Do? Is It Just Another Piece of Clothing That Cyclists Wear?

It’s not just another piece of clothing as it has its own functions.

Keeping Sweat Out of Your Eyes

Yes, it’s the basic and most important function of any cycling cap. A helmet won’t do any good when it comes to keeping the sweat from getting into your eyes. This is the job of a cycling hat. It serves as a sweatband.

It also keeps the rain out of your eyes.

Blocking Low Sun

When you’re cycling in Spring and Autumn, you will experience low sun conditions. The peak of the cap is more effective in blocking the low sun than your sunglasses. Plus, it keeps your head cool during warm weather as it wicks moisture.

If you ride during hot weather, you can soak the hat in the water to keep your head cool.

Making You Look Good

It can be a fashion statement. It looks good whether you put it under a helmet or wear it alone.

Another benefit of wearing it is to keep insects out of your hair. Then, it maintains your head clean.

What’s the Proper Way to Wear a Cycling Cap?

There are no rules when it comes to wearing this hat. As mentioned, you can wear it alone or under a helmet. Consult your helmet’s user’s manual to know whether you can safely wear it on top of a cycling hat

Most cyclists are wearing cycling caps with peak down. Your central coast bike shop says this is the most traditional way of wearing this cap. If you’re wearing it under a helmet, it can be difficult to flip it up.

However, when you flip up the peak, the cap looks more stealth. The cap won’t be too obvious.

How to Find the Perfect Cycling Cap?

There are various brands that sell cycling caps. As mentioned, the cap is an expressive item. When you wear it, your cap will tell the world that you’re a cyclist.

You can find cycling caps that are waterproof. They are great for keeping your hair in order while you’re out in the winter. You can wear the caps even if you have long hair, as long as you tie it up.

Regardless of what brand you choose, make sure that it fits your head perfectly. You must look for a cap that’s breathable and can be easily dried. In that way, you can wash it at night and wear it tomorrow for your early cycling routine.

Cycling caps are useful in preventing sweat from getting into your eyes while riding. They are also pretty cool as they will make you look more professional. They’re like a membership card for a cycling club.

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Gosford Bike Shop, How to Choose the Best Single Speed Bikes

Bikes R Us is a Gosford bike shop that wants the best for you, our customer. We search the world for the right information for Gosford bike riders. This article explains briefly how to best find the single speed bike that is best for your needs. Enjoy the article.

For clarification purposes, a single speed bike is that one which has only one gear that is fixed on the rear wheel. Having this fixed gear means that you will have to paddle to have the bike moving. Such bikes don’t require shifters, chaining (double or triple) cranksets, or derailleurs. The absence of these parts makes the bike easy to maintain and clean. Since it’s a simple bike without many components and with only one gear, it is normally light in weight, easy to maintain, and repair. Such bikes are ideal for those who are commuters.

So how do you choose the perfect single speed bike from the Gosford bike shop?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing such a bike. Below are some of the most important things to look out for:

Which is the best gear ?

Because it is a one gear bike, it is a fundamental factor to have the right one. For instance, if the gear has a lot of resistance, then definitely you will have to stop at every steep landscape. On the other hand, if the bike has a little gear, you will have to constantly be spinning the legs to get yourself on the motion. Since the ration between the rear and front chaining is used to determine the gear, commuters will find it ideal if they are using a gear of about 65 – 7 inches. As for track cycles, they probably need a gear with bigger inches. Actually, the gear inches increase with the wideness of the tire.

And what about the bike’s size?

This is another important area to be keen on when selecting a single speed bike. Most people have regretted purchasing a bike of the wrong size because they get uncomfortable when riding due to it being either too small or too big. To avoid this, make sure that you see the specifications of the bike. Better still is when you try it out, like a sample ride to see if it really fits you.

The bike shop in Gosford also helps with Wheels:

When it comes to the wheels, the majority think that this is purely aesthetic. In reality, there is a difference in performance when it comes to wheel types.

  • If you choose a 30mm wheelset, it is considered to be the lightest and offers a perfect balance between rigidity and weight. It will be the ideal choice for those who commute.
  • On the other hand, wheels of 42mm (deep-v) rims weigh a little bit more and are perfect for those looking to put some power to prevent flexing.
  • Lastly, the mag wheels are known to be the heaviest of all. People prefer it because it gives the bike an appealing loo, but when it comes to weight, it is a drawback.

Handlebars: The actually are available in very many sizes and shapes. Here, it is the choice of one which can determine which is the best, though some bars are the best fit for specific applications. Examples of such handlebars include: Drop handlebars, straight bars, riser bars, and bullhorns.

Bearings: This is the part which basically runs the bike’s hubs, headset, and the bottom bracket. In the market, you will find two types of bearings, which are:

  • Scaled bearings: This type has one single unit which houses the bearings. The unit is directly pushed into the hub/frame. Bikes with this bearing spin freely and smoothly than those with open bearings. Because they got rubber seals that protect the bearings, they are easily maintained as particles or elements don’t get into the bearings.
  • Open bearings: It is an open system of bearings supported with a cone and cup structure. Such a system requires a lot of maintenance for it to operate smoothly.

In short when looking for a single speed bike:

When selecting the best single speed bikes, the above factors can be very helpful. Never rush in choosing any bike because of its appearance. Such a mistake comes along with regrets. Now well the bike’s size, the type bearing it has, the wheel system, and most importantly the type of gear.

If you would like to find related info about single speed bike you are cordially invited to visit our blog which is linked with best single speed bikes.

I’m Mary C Morrison. I love to explore innovative information about fitness. Now I’m researching about cycling. How cycling keeps healthy. For that I build a blog


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This should help all our bike shop in Gosford customers find a single speed bike that will be right for them. Here at the Gosford bike shop we know how important it is for local Central Coast people to enjoy their cycling when they go out and about.

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